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Vermont Elopement, Topnotch Resort - Jenna & Nick


I really don't say this about every couple, but Jenna & Nick are literally the coolest. They reached out to me saying they were planning an intimate wedding in the mountains of Vermont, with only their immediate families in attendance, with an outdoor ceremony and reception. If I remember correctly, as I was reading their email I may have spit out whatever liquid I was drinking out of sheer excitement. 

I first met Jenna at TATTE in Cambridge, one of my favorite spots in the Boston area for lunch, and we chatted about wedding plans and I got to know what Jenna & Nick were all about. They are both free-spirits and do their own thing, so they would have eloped just the two of them if it hadn't been so important for their families to be there.

Jenna & Nick met through mutual friends in college, and their common interest in rock climbing. But even though they literally lived one floor apart in the same dorm, it still took a couple years of them running into each other for them to really get on each other's radar. As they accidentally spent more time together, their relationship grew into more than just friends. Jenna loved how they could climb for hours together but spend half the time getting lost in conversation. 

After a couple years of dating, Jenna’s job offered the unique opportunity to move to California. At first, Nick was apprehensive to join her until he had a job locked in around the Bay Area. But one week before Jenna planned to move, he quit his job and they drove across the country together. How romantic! It ended up being an adventure of a lifetime where they met new friends, grew in their careers, endlessly traveled the west, and experienced the outdoors like never before. Nick proposed to Jenna on top of a desolate sand dune beneath the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Since then, they moved back to Boston to be closer to their families, and it’s only a matter of time before they have ten puppies and a home climbing gym. 

Being that they are both outdoorsy, it was no surprise they were stoked about getting photos with the mountain landscape in the background. Jenna told me that they didn’t want to feel rushed on the wedding day, so they made it a priority to set aside enough time to explore the surrounding area and get cool portraits. She even mentioned they would definitely be down to go outside even if the weather wasn’t great. Talk about a photographer's dream!

Jenna & Nick have also both gotten into photography on their travels, so it was really fun to bounce ideas off each other for portrait spots and poses. It was an added bonus for me working with a couple that really appreciates the art of photography- it makes it all the more fulfilling that I can provide them with photos I know they will love. 

On one of their climbing trips to Smuggler's Notch in Stowe they randomly stopped in for lunch at the restaurant at TOPNOTCH, and fell so much in love with the place that they booked it for their wedding venue! Jenna & Nick, along with their families, went up early and stayed for a couple days, so they were able to scope out portrait spots ahead of time. Topnotch has a huge field right across the street, and a trail by a stream where they had their first look. We had so much fun driving around the area and finding clearings and farms to stop by to take photos. 

The entire week leading up to the wedding- literally up until the minute I arrived at the venue- the forecast said rain and thunderstorms. We were armed with some clear umbrellas (Jenna even wore her Sperry's), and we were determined to do as many of the portraits and festivities outside as long as there wasn't a chance of getting struck by lightening!

But magically, the skies opened up right after their first look, and they were able to have the entire wedding ceremony and reception outside on the lawn of Topnotch, with the views of the Green Mountains in the background! Everyone in the family kept saying, "We're actually lucky it's not sunny, because Jenna has really sensitive eyes, and probably would have been squinting in every photo!" Also, as Jenna pointed out, the fog through the trees made for a really cool moody backdrop.

Jenna & Nick and their entire family was so welcoming and sweet- her Dad even invited me on a trip on his catamaran sailboat! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for these two, and I have a feeling it won't be the last I hear from them. Total friend-crushes right here!!


Venue & Caterer - TOPNOTCH RESORT - Stowe, VT

Floral Designer - NECTAR & ROOT - Winooski, VT

Baker - COLD HOLLOW CIDER MILL - Waterbury Center, VT

Officiant ANNIE ALEXANDER-KRAMER - Williamstown, VT

Bridal Gown Designer KENNETH WINSTON

Bridal Shop - STELLA GRACE BRIDAL - Salem, NH


“From start to finish Bailey was highly organized, reliable and communicative.


Not only did she make us feel comfortable, but our families too. As a passionate photographer myself, I can say that she has a phenomenal eye and I loved her style.


She captured our day perfectly. I highly recommend her!”

- Jenna & Nick, Stowe, VT

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