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Lakeside Wedding Massachusetts - Tal & Ryan


Tal & Ryan are literally the definition of high school sweethearts- in the least cheesy way possible! They both grew up in the same town (she even had his mom as a teacher!), met on the high school stage as dance partners in the school musical, and they’ve been together ever since. They currently live together in Brooklyn where Ryan is a musician and pre-K teacher, and Tal is pursuing her dream of singing opera on the world stage.

Their wedding was situated right on LAKE MASSAPOAG at the SHARON COMMUNITY CENTER in their hometown. Planning the wedding while Tal was finishing up her masters was only possible with the help of her mother, Beth who is an event planner for EAST MEETS WEST catering. The day was so relaxed and went exactly as planned, which had a lot to do with Beth’s foresight, but also how casual and laid-back the couple was. They wanted the day to represent them- not formal and stuffy, but simple with an emphasis on fun, great food, and quality time with the people they love the most in the world.

Both having experience with performing, they LOVED the camera- we had so much fun exploring the lake and surrounding woods for portraits. Tal was even game to climb a steep rocky path to get down the the lake not once, but TWICE in her giant wedding dress! She’s my hero.

Their first look was actually Tal’s favorite part of the day. They were both so glad they did it because not only did it ease the nerves before the big ceremony, but to have that intimate moment together was incredibly special for them. They were both so present in the moment, and focused on each other, that it was so easy to capture authentic portraits of the two of them enjoying that time together. Their wedding party and families were so lovely to work with too- I’m so blessed to have met such amazing humans!

From their first look to the speeches at the reception, tears were flowing all day. A big part of my style while documenting the wedding day is catching people’s reactions during the ceremony and reception- I feel like it really rounds out the story and vibe of the day. When I was looking around I noticed so many people holding little travel packs of tissues, blinking through red impassioned eyes. I made it all the way to the reception, but toward the end even I broke down while Ryan’s brother was giving his toast! I’ve never seen so much genuine raw emotion at a wedding, and it was almost an out-of-body experience to be surrounded by so much love and passion.

Even though they generally went the non-traditional route, Ryan’s favorite part of the day was their first dance. He told me afterwards that he felt so connected to Tal, and was so happy to share it with everyone in the room while also having a truly intimate moment.

They also had parent dances, but put their own spin on it: once Tal shared a *very emotional* dance with her dad, they invited all the daughters and fathers in the room to come up and join them, and they did the same thing after Ryan danced with his mom. I hope this becomes a trend because it was an absolutely beautiful moment to document, and such a meaningful way for all the guests to share in that special moment.

Once the dance floor opened, that’s where Tal could be found for the rest of the night! Sorry (not sorry) I went hard on the dancing shots with this one- C-ZONE absolutely killed the DJ game. They played to the crowd and had the dance floor full the whole time! There’s always 1 or 2 very expressive (and usually mildly intoxicated) wedding guests that I tend to turn to for some crazy dance moves to capture, but literally the whole crowd was so energetic and hilarious, everywhere I looked there was something ridiculous happening. I’m telling you- these are my people.

But in all seriousness, being someone who was also a shameless drama nerd in high school and took the creative route from a young age, I identified with the couple and so much of their family and friends who are also artists and performers. Committing to your craft in this messy world is not easy, so that community of support is so important to foster creativity and motivation for making art. I trust that their tribe can get them through anything, and I’m so excited for what the future has in store for these two.

Wise words from the bride: “Everyone deserves someone who they can truly be themselves with, no games, just truly them. If you feel this way with your partner, then the only thing that changes with marriage is getting used to wearing rings on your fingers.” Couldn’t have said it better.


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