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Block Island Engagement Session


I met up with Erika & Denny on Block Island and we did a casual couple’s session at one of my favorite places on the island, CLAY HEAD NATURE TRAIL. We followed a narrow dirt path through lush overgrown greenery, past a rocky beach, through open fields, and up to an epic overlook above the cliffs.

Then we headed back to our cars, and drove up Corn Neck Road to the NORTH LIGHT to catch the sunset over the ocean. Erica & Denny both work on the island all summer, so they generously spent part of their 1 day off/week with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

One thing BLOCK ISLAND isn’t short of is nature trails- and I really hope that never changes. There’s a quaintness to the island that you can’t find on Marthas’s Vineyard or Nantucket. First off, there isn’t a single traffic signal, and there’s only 1 storefront that’s a franchise (BEN & JERRY’S of course- but we’ll allow it.) Sure, there’s tons of developing going on and multi-million dollar homes popping up every year, but I think the island does a really good job at conserving what they can.

The natural beauty on Block Island is like nothing else I’ve experienced in New England, and I was lucky enough as a kid to spend summers there with my family.

We still go every year, and soak up every aspect of the island that we can- from swimming at the pristine beaches, looking over the natural bluffs, baking pies from all the wild blackberries we can gather, and walking the secluded greenway trails.

Of course, we’ve got to cave to some capitalist pressure eventually, so I’ll take this opportunity to plug some of my favorite local businesses on Block Island: next time you’re there make it a point to hit up PERSEPHONE’S for their awesome smoothies, PAYNE’S KILLER DONUTS for well- their donuts, and the FARMER’S MARKET to stock up on LULUNA KOMBUCHA & honey from LITTLEFIELD BEE FARM.

I’d LOVE to shoot more Block Island weddings, engagements, couple’s sessions- any excuse to visit one of my favorite places in the world! Check out my listing on the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE website, and spread the word!

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