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Boston Elopement, Arnold Arboretum & Brassica Kitchen - Katherine & Bryan

Boston elopement Arnold Arboretum outdoor winter wedding

I was so excited when Katherine & Bryan reached out to me to photograph their inmate elopement at the ARNOLD ARBORETUM! Yuta & I actually had our first date there, roaming around taking photos together- and we got married there as well, so it has a VERY special place in my heart.

I first met up with Katherine & Bryan over coffee, cozying up in front of a fire at CAFFE NERO- one of my go-to coffee shops for client meetings. We got to chatting and I immediately fell in love with their story. They met in grad school in NYC, and were strictly “concert buddies” at first. They both love indie rock, and would go to shows together all the time, and eventually started officially dating.

One thing led to the next and he ended up proposing to her under the northern lights in Finland during a trip they took together to see the last show of their favorite band.

They knew they wanted to keep their wedding small and simple, with only their parents and closest friends in attendance. But they both agreed that hiring a photographer to document their day was top priority, especially since it would allow them to share the moment with their loved ones who wouldn’t be there.

Obviously I’m biased since it’s what I’ve chosen to commit my life to and I see the value in it, but if I could have done one thing differently for our wedding it would have been to hire a professional to document the whole day. We have a couple photos we love, but it would be great to have candid photos of our guests, and more portraits of us canoodling together. We got married 5 years ago, before I was immersed in this industry and I didn’t see the importance of it until afterwards. Take my advice, and hire someone great- it will be worth it.

They kept everything low-key, but intentional and personal.

Instead of real flowers, they ended up renting some from SOMETHING BORROWED BLOOMS, which were crazy realistic-looking, and also sustainable since they can be mailed back and reused. Music has always played a big role in their relationship, so their friend Sam played songs from some of their favorite bands and memorable concerts as guests mingled.

Katherine also surprised Bryan by commissioning her cousin to create a painting of the northern lights, which has such a special meaning to them. She then had it made into fabric, and enlisted the help of her parents to sew it onto blankets that were used as favors at the wedding. Such a great idea, considering it was an outdoor winter wedding ceremony!

During the ceremony, each attendee participated in the reading, and there was also a community vow following their exchange of vows.

Katherine’s favorite part of the day was scheduling time after the ceremony to be with Bryan- her new HUSBAND- away from their guests so they could canoodle a little and process what just happened. Not going to lie, that was my favorite part too- the two of them are so effortless in front of the camera, and it was so fun to explore such a beautiful place and capture some magical golden-hour portraits among the trees.

After the portrait session we made our way to BRASSICA KITCHEN, one of their favorite restaurants, which is just a short walk from the Arboretum. In Katherine’s own words, “the staff are the greatest human beings and the food and beverages are extraordinary.” When we got there, they had set up a table with all of Katherine’s DIY decor, and had special Lambrusco-based cocktails ready for everyone. There were warm welcomes, a few toasts, and a delicious 7-course meal, finishing with a decadent cake from MILK BAR.

After I left, they told me they went to RumBa, the bar in the INTERCONTINENTAL BOSTON, where they were spending the night. And their friend Susie surprised them by sneakily arranging a first dance for them in the hotel lobby! She had all of the guests stand in a circle around them and played Frank Sinatra’s “The Best is yet to Come” on her phone! Everything about this day was so special, and I’m so excited for Katherine & Bryan to spend a lifetime of love, music, and traveling together.

Ceremony Location - ARNOLD ARBORETUM

Gown - BHLDN

Hair & Makeup - DRYBAR



Baker - MILK BAR

Reception Venue - BRASSICA KITCHEN



She is optimistic and kind and funny. She took time to get to know us and ask thoughtful questions. She is organized beyond my wildest dreams. She jumped into the frenetic planning process without hesitation. She made me and my camera-shy husband feel not just comfortable, but confident and special and radiant in front of the camera. Oh, and-


They are stunning. They are moody-yet-gleaming. They are artistic-yet-natural. They are polished-yet-spirited. Bailey was born to be the photographer that documents your special day and preserves it for you and your partner to stare at, goofy-grinned, for eternity.”

- Katherine & Bryan, Boston, MA

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