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Nahant Elopement - Celena & Robbie

Coastal Massachusetts boho elopement

I was so excited to work with other local creatives to bring this shoot to life! It’s so fun and refreshing to collaborate with other talented women, and make magic together!

Alli, the mastermind behind MY SUNDAY AFTERNOON, described her inspiration to me:

“This shoot was inspired by a feeling. The words we use to describe it are moody and romantic with a sense of longing- but the goal was to capture something beyond words; the quietness of the sun at dusk, the familiar monotonous tides, the smallness you feel standing by the side of a cliff at the edge of the ocean.

To do this, we mapped out every single detail before the shoot, from the location and time of day, to the clothing and how it would move and catch the wind. We included shots of the textures around us, in the waves and the rocks and the gulls flying overhead, so that when the series of images is seen together, viewers will experience that same *feeling* of standing where we stood.

We hope they can hear the sound of waves crashing, of birds singing, the smell of cold winter and salt air, the feeling of being freezing cold, but still so warm, wrapped up in their lovers arms as the golden sun sinks and kisses their frozen nose and rosy cheeks.”

That afternoon was sunny, but SO COLD. I’m oh so grateful for the couple who modeled, who are actually getting married this summer! Even though it was just a trial run for them, they gave it their all- and I’m so excited for what we made!


Creative Direction/Styling/Floral Designer/Clothing Designer - MY SUNDAY AFTERNOON

Hair & Make up - JENNY LUU HAIR & MAKEUP


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