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Block Island Engagement - Alex & James

Alex and James have been together for six years, and every summer they come to Block Island for vacation to escape. Their relationship is currently long distance between New York and Pittsburgh, and going strong! (All power to you couples who can make it through tough times like that, I know personally how challenging it can be!) Considering how precious the time they share together is, this was a special moment I had the pleasure of capturing for them.

You wouldn't guess with these stunners, but Alex and James were so nervous going into the shoot! Trust me, getting photographed is awkward for anybody- especially me! (Why do you think I choose to stay on the other side of the camera?! You guys have the hard jobs.) But I quickly reassured them that when they focused on each other, they'd forget I was there. And it's those sweet candid moments that, in my opinion, make the best pictures. Once they started talking, and looking into each other's eyes, the more comfortable they felt in front of the camera, and we had struck gold.

We only had time for a super quick portrait session, but luckily there are so many beautiful backdrops on Block Island that you don't have to go very far to find plenty of photo-ops! One of my favorite locations to shoot is on the west side of the island near the Spring House (a beautiful Victorian-style wedding venue, hotel, and restaurant- delicious thin-crust pizzas served on the porch, if you're into that kind of thing!) They have a vegetable and flower garden in the back that is fun to mosey around, as well as large hydrangea bushes lining the porch of the hotel, which are in full-bloom at this time of year.

Now I'll share a little local secret here (but don't tell anyone because it's really special!) If you walk south down the road from the Spring House away from town, there is a little private beach tucked away (you have to hop a guard rail and work your way down a *slightly* steep rocky cliff- I may have slipped and almost smashed a lens, no biggie.) Once- or if- you make it down there is a jetty that extends out into the water. If you walk out on the jetty at high tide, which ended up being the case for our shoot, it gives the illusion of walking on water. 

Block Island is one of my favorite places in the world. I love to shoot there any chance I can get, especially when there is a cute couple with me to help complete the photo!



As someone who is a bit camera shy, it was a pleasure working with her. She knew how to make the experience fun and certainly got the most out of the shoot. Bailey's passion for photography and love for people make her a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend Bailey Q Photo to anyone looking for engagement or wedding photos."

- Alex & James, Block Island, RI