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Brooklyn Engagement, Prospect Park - Sonya & Sage

Brooklyn engagement session outdoor rainy city portraits

Sonya & Sage decided to do their engagement session in the springtime at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and walk around their neighborhood of Prospect Heights. They’re outdoorsy types who love hiking & rock climbing, but also love living in the city, so they knew they wanted someplace in nature where they could also get some NYC vibes. Prospect Park was the perfect fit. Also, Sage had proposed to Sonya at the park a couple months earlier, so they wanted to commemorate this already special place for them!

Sage is a computer scientist & Sonya is currently in law school- talk about power couple! (She actually had to stop part of the way through the session to pull out her phone and register for classes! :P) They both went to undergrad together at Yale, where they met as peer counselors- a pretty great place to find a significant other if you ask me! So not only are these guys frickin brilliant & ambitious, but they also care about others and making the world a better place. Sage told me it’s actually one of his favorite things about Sonya- how considerate & thoughtful she is. And she loves how passionate & go-with-the-flow he is.

I was also lucky enough to meet my husband Yuta during undergrad in a class that we both were passionate about. You guessed it- a photography class, of course! I actually tell people I fell in love with his art before I fell in love with him... When we made photo prints we’d take them right out of the printer and hang them up on the wall so they could dry, but they’d also be on display for everyone to see. I was so inspired by Yuta’s work, and then when I met him and found out he was also a total cutie, it was a done deal.

Anywho, since Sonya & Sage have their wedding in the fall, they wanted their engagement photos to be in time for the spring blossoms in late April. And although the forecast said no rain leading up to the shoot, April showers do in fact bring the flowers and it pretty much drizzled the entire time. But these two were so chill, they didn’t even care! This is also the girl who’s planning on wearing Birkenstocks with her wedding dress. I love these people.

Lucky for me, I live just across the park from them, so we met up at Grand Army Plaza, took some photos near the archway, and then headed into the park. We didn’t have to go far from the path to find tons of flowering trees & cool architecture to explore. The cherry blossoms were in peak bloom so we were actually lucky it was a little misty out, since it pretty much gave us the place to ourselves!

The more time I spent with them, the more it was so apparent that these two are BEST friends. They couldn’t stop chatting and laughing at each other the whole time. They share their lives together, and you can just tell they make the most out of every moment they have. Sonya’s words: “I love Sage's brain. That sounds a little creepy, but he has an amazing, dry sense of humor and can deliver an incredible one-liner or snappy response. He's also great at adapting songs to fit our every day lives (e.g. "Pretty Woman" becomes "Shitty Puppy," an ode to all the horrible little dogs that New Yorkers own).” Seriously, these guys are perfect for each other.

Once everyone’s allergies started acting up we headed north out of the park away from the flowers, and toward their favorite bakery- LITTLE CUPCAKE BAKESHOP and bookstore- UNNAMEABLE BOOKS. The storefronts were actually right next to each other, and made for a great backdrop for photos while also giving them a little bit of cover from the rain. And they made off with a cupcake to-go to share at home.

Had so much fun with these two, I forgot I was working! Also, we’re pretty much neighbors so I’m not-so-secretly excited to creep on them and become friends in the next year before their big day in September 2020!